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"BNMDP-NA/NMCC-ASSOCIATIONS" Newsletter -Summer 2011


The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners known as “EBNMP” was established in 1998 in Ontario, Canada by its founders and Past President, Dr. Sheila McKenzie and co- directors, Dr. June Kelly and Dr. Allan Austin to satisfy the demand for a registry for Doctors of Natural Medicine and Naturotherapy/Natural Medicine Practitioners. In 2003, the organization was re-named the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners-North America “EBNMP-NA,” remaining a corporation constituted under the laws of Ontario and a Canadian Examining Board was also established under the auspices of Dr. June Kelly to handle registrants at the DNM level 1. Due to numerous disagreements, the Canadian Board (EBNMP-Canada) under the auspices of Dr. June Kelly decided in 2006 to administer EBNMP Canadian entity separately from EBNMP-NA.  In July 2006, The EBNMP-NA re named its Canadian sub entity as the Natural Medicine Certification (NMCC) a Canadian non-profit corporation while retaining EBNMP-NA/BNMDP-NA registration in the US.

The Intention of Founders was for unification and re-establishment of the Traditional “Nature Medicine” profession which is not the same as our modern Medical Naturopathic profession.

In 1902, Benedict Lust organized the Naturopathic Society of America, which was reorganized, in       1919, as the American Naturopathic Association (ANA). In 1921, Lust was elected president for life. Shortly after he died, a combination of inter-personal and philosophical differences caused the organization to split in two, forming the Eastern ANA and the Western ANA, each with its own constitution, officers, programs, and conventions. The Eastern naturopaths were determined to follow the example set forth by Father Kneipp et al., while those in the West seemed determined to practice naturopathy in the same fashion as medical profession. "Proclaiming their distinct perspectives, the two camps developed their own textbooks: Paul Wendel's Standardized Naturopathy (1951) and Harry Riley Spitler's Basic Naturopathy (1948)."

The EBNMP-NA/BNMDP-NA is the only group accredited and recognized by its American Naturopathic Association who has maintained their traditional natural approach to healing.

The name “NATUROPATH” in fact, is controversial and its true origin is unclear. It is known that the word was coined; possibly from "nature" and "homeopathy," a system of healing that was established and was most recognized at the time. Many early Naturopaths objected to the name because, in literal translation, it means ‘natural disease.’ However, Lust credited its coining with helping to end his persecution.

"The persecution became so intense that we could not use the words cure, healing, therapy, therapist, physician, doctor, or any similar title. We were all in despair. Finally we decided to use the word 'Naturopath' as being the only safe term by which we could designate ourselves as having to do with "the natures cure" and disease (Lust, 1921: 479)."

The term ‘doctor’ originated in 1303, stems ultimately from the Latin, doctor "teacher," from doct- stem ofdocere "to show, teach, and “Originally” make to appear right." The familiar form of "medical professional" dates from 1377 though was not common until the late 16th century. Thus, the term ‘doctor’ cannot be appropriated by any one group. In 1998 a group of Natural Medicine Practitioners reclaimed their rights to traditional natural medicine by use of the title, DNM-Doctor of Natures Medicine in honour of Dr. Lust’s original intentions. They are dedicated to upholding the principles articulated by Dr. Benedict Lust and to preserving  traditional naturals medicine health care for future generations while unifying Doctors of Natures Medicine” DNM” and Practitioners of Natures Medicine “PNM”. The By-law of both the EBNMP Canada and EBNMP-NA clearly states that professional associations shall be established in the various states of the United States and the provinces of Canada to help with professional development for members only after they are certified by the EBNMP organizations.


Dr. Bruce Ally was appointed in 2007 as President of the EBNMP-NA/NMCC while Dr. McKenzie moved in as chief advisor and as Head of the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM) which the organization is affiliated with. The intention of the founders was the propagation and re-establishment of “Natures” medicine in both the United States and Canada. The associations were to be established to help with the responsibility of professional development for members. Some associations were established in the southern United States, British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Dr. Habib was appointed in Ontario to head up the Ontario association (ODNMA) for the doctor’s level while Linda Henderson was appointed as head of the Ontario Natural Medicine Practitioners association (ONMPA) for the practitioner’s level in 2007, based upon the recommendation of Dr. McKenzie. To date Dr. Sulaman Habib did not fulfill any of the appointed tasks but seek to establish more divisions to the detriment of the profession contrary to the mandate of its founders.


·       Certification as a DNM or RNP can only be conferred by a board which is established to confer certification (BNMDP-NA/NMCC Board).

·       Certification is a statement or declaration that one has completed a course of study, passed an examination, or otherwise met specified criteria for certification.

·       Certification provides the consumer, insurance companies and government with more information about a practitioner. It also gives practitioners a way to increase their competency through a course of study and exams, and to advertise or inform others of their completion of this course of study.

·      The purpose of certification is to set standards, educate practitioners and inform the public. Failure to meet the certification obligation means that the practitioner is no longer certified and must return certification document to the Board.

·       The Board cannot be responsible for members who do not pay dues and follow misguided individuals, who think it is appropriate to lead members astray to the detriment of the growth and fulfillment of it mandate for propagation of Traditional Natural Medicine in North America and for the government to take us as a profession seriously.

·        Certification is renewable yearly, for example a lawyer, an accountant, a dentist, even a car mechanic, must renew their registration with their registering organization to retain status.

We, the founder, president and directors of these organizations consider the actions of ego directed factions distracting, time consuming, most draining and potential death of our profession.

All non active registrants of the Boards that received the certification as DNM or RNP must return such documents as the Board will not be liable for your protection.


     North America recognition and accreditation (United States and Canada)

     DNM/RNP’s in North America are recognized as meeting the standards in natural Medicine education as established by WONM

     DNM/RNP’s under BNMDP-NA/NMCC standards are parallel and in some instances surpass  medical naturopathic and other natural Doctors curriculum both in Canada and the United States and is the gold standards worldwide

     Standardized accreditation with portability to more than twenty countries around the world (Asia, Europe, South America etc)

     Opportunity to participate in Clinic for humanity programs (Doctors and Practitioners for humanitarian Medicine)

     Regional Congress & Educational Seminars

     World symposium (over twenty countries)

     Hospital internship and externship (in partnership with WONM Clinics for Humanity program)

     Natural Medicine Journal

     Accreditation recognized by regional associations (United States, Canada and other countries)

     Professional Continuing education workshops & Seminars

     Eligibility for special group rate on malpractice insurance

     Eligibility for reimbursement of service fees by Insurance Companies

     Frequent Email update

     Quarterly Professional Newsletter

     Standardized treatment protocols to minimize the risk of harm to the public

Before joining any faction association or leaving your group portent certifying organization which is the “bona Fide” group, you need to ask yourself these questions.

-        What can an association that is a fragment of a parent group that is contra to its parents mandate do for you?

-         Does faction groups operating according to the mandate of the parent organization?

-         Is the faction group responsible for re-establishing “Natural Medicine” in North America?

-         Where did the head of the faction group received certification in the first place? The parent group?

-         Does the faction responsible for certification?

-         How can the organization be self-sustaining without member’s renewal fees?

Please call 416-756-9355 to return home and re-instate your membership as we are working toward formalizing our profession with various governments.

As per BNMDP-NA By-law, we are actively propagating Natural Medicine practice by helping to support and to establish Canadian and USA Natural Medicine Associations. Please contact BNMDP-NA if you would like to establish an association in your Province or/State.

Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners–North America
Natural Medicine Certification Council
3555 Don Mills Road, Suite 18-529Toronto, ONM2H 3N3
Tel: 416-756-9355

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


VOTE OF THANKS We would like to thank all members and participants for making the
Professional Development Day a success

The following main points were discussed:
Ruling on using DNM in Ontario and BC
At the moment there are more questions than we have answers for, but one of the most common questions coming from practitioners is the use of the “Doctor” title. In accordance with RHPA, Section 33.1 “Exempt as allowed in the regulations under the act, person shall use the title “doctor”, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language in the course of providing or offering to provide, in Ontario, health care to individuals.1991, c.18, s 33.(1),” the title “Doctor” is restricted to only to those who are registered with the following regulated professions:
  • College of Chiropractor of Ontario
  • College of Optometrists of Ontario
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
  • College of Psychologists of Ontario
  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
Pending regulation of Professions under transitional process
  • College of Homeopaths of Ontario
  • College of Naturopaths of Ontario
  • College of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture of Ontario
In other circumstances you may declare yourself as a “Doctor” teaching, with colleagues etc.

This law is in effect and anyone found guilty is liable of a fine of up to $25,000 for a first time offence and up to $50.000 or six months in jail for second offence.

In offering service you may declare your level of education in Natural Medicine as follows; Certified (certificate)Diploma (Dip), B.Sc (Bachelor) in whatever field,  M.Sc, Master (in whatever field) PhD Doctorate (in whatever field).  

Examples  of Advertising format (business card, media etc) 
1. John Smith, Dip. Nat. Med, RNP
Naturotherapy Practitioner
2. John Smith, B.Sc, RNP
Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner
3.John Smith, DNM. PhD
Doctorate in Natural Medicine,

The DNM “Doctorate in Natural Medicine” designation will be valid only when used with a PhD level of Education in Ontario and B.C and wherever the law restricts the Doctor’ title when offering health care services or if you are a member of one of the five regulated health professions previously listed. The Board has made provision for you to upgrade your education to a PhD level by research, you must contact Dr. Sheila McKenzie. Otherwise you may renew your designation at the practitioners level. It is important that this board abide by the law of the
governments and
no one can be exempted. You have until 2012 to be in compliance of the Doctorate level. Also be advised that it will take 12 -24 months to complete PhD research depending at where you are in your education -therefore, be proactive.

Difference between Integrative Medicine Board and Natural Medicine Board
Integrative Medicine Board (sister to the BNMDP) is for: Allopathic or allied allopathic medical professional and Medical Acupuncturist who are seeking certification to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of Integrative Medicine (geared towards licensed, registered or certified health care professionals).

The following information is a summary, outlining the controlled acts authorized to the various 28 regulated health professions in Ontario. It is organized according to the 14 controlled acts listed in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA). The exact wording found in the profession-specific acts which gives the health profession its authority to perform the controlled act (s) is listed under the column “Legislation” and all affiliated regulations related to this controlled act authority is listed in the “Regulation” column.

For certain controlled acts (communicating a diagnosis; performing a procedure on tissue below the dermis; applying or ordering a form of energy; prescribing, dispensing, selling or compounding a drug; and treating by means of psychotherapy technique), “ exemptions” are listed. These exemptions, found in the Controlled Acts regulation under the RHPA, contain clauses to indicate when health professions are exempted from the application of particular legislative requirements (e.g. With the controlled act of communicating a diagnosis, a medical
geneticist who holds a doctorate degree is exempt from the
RHPA when he/she is communicating a diagnosis for the purpose of identifying a genetic disease or genetic disorder).

Notice: As a health care professional you can diagnose but not communicate the diagnosis to the client “Opinion derived from an evaluation”
1.“Diagnosis “The act or process of identifying or determining the nature and cause of a disease or injury through evaluation of patient history, examination, and review of laboratory data.
2.The opinion derived from such an evaluation.
3.A brief description of the distinguishing characteristics of an organism, as for taxonomic classification

The information found in this document updates the current document found on HPRAC’s public website SUMMARY OF CONTROLLED ACTS OF REGULATED HEALTH PROFESSIONS IN ONTARIO. Since the initial posting of this summary document, new regulations or amendments to regulations have taken place that needed to be captured. For instance, new regulations related to the controlled acts of performing a procedure on tissue below the dermis, administering a substance by injection and prescribing of drugs by the chiropody and podiatry professions were introduced in September 2008. It will be our intention to replace the current website document.

Keeping your registration current is vital and reaffirms your commitment to professionalism. It also  demonstrates that you are receiving Continuing  Education to stay atop emerging new developments in natural medicine.
(20) hours of CEU’s are required every year (Doctorate level) and (10) hours (practitioner level) and (10) hours participation in humanitarian endeavors via Clinics for Humanity.
If you choose not to renew your membership or practice (Sabbatical), please notify us in writing, explaining your reasons. 

Professional Liability Insurance under Partners Indemnity Insurance is only granted to BNMDP-NA & BOIM members, who are residents of and practice in Canada.
The insurance company will only be accepting registrants with a valid membership registration.
Insurance renewal forms will be issued only after renewal is received and renewal sticker and cards granted.
Non registered members are not eligible under this program.

We look forward hosting our Professional Development Day annually
in October or November.

Finally, on behalf of our Board of Directors: Hon. Dr. Sheila Mckenzie, Dr. Bruce Ally, Dr. Paul Henderson and our administration, we would like to wish you the best of the Season and all prosperity in the coming year.
May you and yours be healthy, happy and successful.